Dennis Byler, the owner of Byler Contracting, has been building single family homes, duplex, four-plex, and commercial projects in Alaska since 2003. Dennis is the fourth generation in his family to make his living in construction, and now he teaches his sons the building trade.

Since starting Byler Contracting in 1987, the company has built over 1000 buildings. Including everything from starter homes to elaborate custom homes, feed stores, warehouses, barns, shops, churches, and just about everything other type of building you can think of. The company has established a reputation for the highest quality workmanship, and exceptional customer service. Customer satisfaction is very important to Dennis, and his staff. Byler Contracting is fully licensed, and bonded, and is known for its detailed craftsmanship.

Choose and customize one of our floor plans, or provide your own. Bring in your own plan for a quote, or have a design adapted for you to meet your requirements. With an in-house draftsman, custom plans and changes are not only possible, but fast and efficient. Land options are available through our company, or if you already have a lot, we will work to make the home of your dreams happen with Byler Contracting.